Internal manufacturer made in China  replacement parts  in Ciudad Juarez Mexico Mixer, Rubber Dispersion Kneader, Rubber Kneader with top quality

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Rubber Kneader&comma Rubber Dispersion Kneader&comma Kneader X&lparS&rparN-35×30

Short Introduction for Our Rubber Mixer &lparplastics&rpar

Mixing Chamber
It is made up of a “w” condition physique and two aspect boards produced of large top quality metal plates by indicates of extrusion forming and welding&comma which are jacked to take the flow of cooling drinking water or steam&period of time It is plated with hard chrome on its inside walls&period

Standard Note Pump
Timing injection pump to the sealing method on a typical injection of hydraulic oil&comma lubrication sealing effect&interval

Thermal Resistance &lparor thermal pair&rpar
There is a plug-in thermal resistance or thermal few in middle section of the base of the chamber to be linked to electrical method to examine and control the mixing temperature&period of time

It is designed to the hollow blades of banbury kind&interval The hollows are linked with axial gap of rotor shaft utilized as cooling or heating passage&interval The leading edges and the aspect faces of blades are area welded with tough alloy and floor&comma then plated with tough chrome and polished&time period

Cooling&solheating System
A typical piping program is adopted for possibly cooling or heating substance in mixing procedure&interval Via the program cooling water or steam is fed in three methods to the cavities of the rotors blades&comma – the jackets of the mixing chamber and the prime ram&period of time

Tilting System
It is made up of a rotor with brake&comma cycloidal gear reducer&comma TP type worm and worm gear&comma and so on&time period It is in a position to actuate the mixing chamber tilting by 140° Close to the entrance rotors&interval

Dust End Unit
At the joint between the best of mixing chamber and the cantilevered arm of the device frame&comma the dust sealing assembled with curved slotted partings are used for acquiring an exceptional and trustworthy sealing function&period The finish encounter of the rotor is sealed by conclude get in touch with sealing with non oil-lubrication and it seals effectively and is wear-resistance and durable&interval

Principal Driving System
The part is created up with primary motor&comma reducer&comma connecting gears&time period It realizes odd-pace rotation of rotors with operating confront a single other&time period

Pneumatic handle system
Pneumatic management program is managed by PLC buy&interval A bi-directional air cylinder can make the ram up or down&period In circumstance of the above load occurs when mixing chamber&comma the prime ram can be lifted automatically or manually if necessary&comma so as to protect motor from overloading&time period

Electrical Manage Program
Imported PLC system and electric powered handle components which are all imported products or imported technologies products are adopted in the electrical manage technique as to increase handle reliability&period

Dust Sealing Gadget
Mixing chamber catchy interface rack cantilever the oil dust seals and timing effect oiling dust&comma distinctive construction&comma the use of copper resources&comma excellent sealing functionality&comma no leakage of the glue&comma powder leakage&comma do not pollute the surroundings&comma but also has simple servicing and long support lifestyle&interval

Item Unit X&lparS&rparN-3×32 X&lparS&rparN-5×32 X&lparS&rparN-10×32 X&lparS&rparN-20×32 X&lparS&rparN-25×32 X&lparS&rparN-35×30 X&lparS&rparN-55×30 X&lparS&rparN-75×30 X&lparS&rparN-110×30 X&lparS&rparN-150×30 X&lparS&rparN-200×30
Complete Quantity of Mixing Chamber &lparL&rpar eight fifteen twenty five 45 55 75 one hundred twenty five one hundred seventy 250 325 440
Working Volume of Mixing Chamber &lparL&rpar 3 5 ten twenty twenty five 35 fifty five seventy five 110 a hundred and fifty 200
Driving Motor Electrical power &lparKW&rpar 5&period5 11 22 37 37 55 75 110 185 220 280
Titling Motor Energy &lparKW&rpar &period55 one&period1 one&period1 1&period5 one&period5 2&period2 2&period2 four five&period5 11 eleven
Rotational Speed of The Rotor &lparfront&solrear&rpar &lparr&solmin&rpar thirty&sol24&period5 32&sol23&period5 32&sol25 32&sol27 32&sol27 30&sol24&period5 thirty&sol24&period5 30&sol24&period5 thirty&sol24&period5 30&sol24&period5 thirty&sol24&period5
Force of Compressed Air &lparm³&solmin&rpar &geq0&period3 &geq0&period5 &geq0&period5 &geq0&period7 &geq0&period7 &geq0&period9 &geq1&period0 &geq1&period0 &geq1&period5 &geq2&period0 &geq4&period0
Strain of Cooling Water &lparmixing rubber&rpar &lparMPa&rpar &period2~&period4 &period2~&period4 &period2~&period4 &period2~&period4 &period2~&period4 &period3~&period4 &period3~&period4 &period3~&period4 &period3~&period4 &period3~&period4 &period3~&period4
Stress of Heating Steam &lparplastic mixing&rpar &lparMPa&rpar &period5~&period8 &period5~&period8 &period5~&period8 &period5~&period8 &period5~&period8 &period5~&period8 &period5~&period8 &period5~&period8 &period5~&period8 &period5~&period8 &period5~&period8
&lparL x W x H&rpar
&lparmm&rpar 2000×1000
Gross Bodyweight &lpart&rpar ~two ~2&period1 ~3&period3 ~4 ~4&period5 ~6&period3 ~7&period1 ~9&period5 ~14&period9 ~19&period5 ~22&period5

The use of first tools manufacturer’s (OEM) element quantities or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference reasons only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our business and the listed substitute elements contained herein are not sponsored, accredited, or created by the OEM.

Internal manufacturer made in China  replacement parts  in Ciudad Juarez Mexico Mixer, Rubber Dispersion Kneader, Rubber Kneader with top quality

Internal manufacturer made in China  replacement parts  in Ciudad Juarez Mexico Mixer, Rubber Dispersion Kneader, Rubber Kneader with top quality