we are confident to supply our buyers adaptable and diversified companies. Excellent interest has been compensated on environmental safety and power conserving. With a lot of years’ experience in this line, we will be trustworthy by our benefits in competitive cost, one particular-time delivery, prompt response, on-hand engineering support and great following-product sales providers.In addition, all our manufacturing procedures are in compliance with ISO9001 specifications. EPTT manufacture carbon metal NUE solEUE 20 quottubing coupling kind

EPT colon carbon metal comma stainless steel
Dimension colon tubing coupling from one period05 quot to four-1 sol2 quot commaCasing coupling from four-1 sol2 quotto 20 quot
EPTion colon EPT comma feminine
Coupling Variety colon comma NUE comma EUE lpartubing coupling rpar comma STC commaLC commaBTC lparcasing coupling rpar time period
EPT colon thread
We also source permium thread merchandise by customer aposs ask for
Grade colon J55 commaK55 commaN80 commaL80 commaP110

Tubing Coupling Specification

Descriptions and size Kind of Therad O periodD astL
lparmm rpar
lparkg rpar
Tubing Coupling

one period050 NUE 33 period35 ast80 period96 period23
1 period050 EUE 42 period16 ast82 period55 period38
one period315 NUE 42 period16 ast82 period55 period38
one period315 EUE 48 period26 ast88 period90 period57
one period660 NUE fifty two period17 ast88 period90 period59
1 period660 EUE fifty eight period88 ast95 period25 period68
one period900 NUE fifty five period88 ast95 period25 period56
1 period900 EUE 63 period50 ast98 period42 period84
two-3 sol8 quot NUE seventy three period02 ast107 period95 one period28
two-3 sol8 quot EUE 77 period80 ast132 period82 1 period55
2-7 sol8 quot NUE 88 period90 ast130 period18 two period34
2-seven sol8 quot EUE ninety three period17 ast133 period35 2 period40
3-one sol2 quot NUE 107 period95 ast142 period88 3 period71
three-1 sol2 quot EUE 114 period30 ast146 period05 four period10
four quot NUE a hundred and twenty period65 ast146 period05 four period35
4 quot EUE 127 period00 ast152 period40 4 period82
four-one sol2 quot NUE 132 period08 ast155 period58 four period89
four-one sol2 quot EUE 141 period30 ast158 period75 six period05

Casing Coupling Specification

Casing Coupling

4-one sol2 quot STC 127 period00 ast158 period75 5 period23
four-one sol2 quot LTC 127 period00 ast177 period80 4 period15
4-one sol2 quot BTC 127 period00 ast225 period42 4 period55
5 quot STC 141 period30 ast165 period10 four period66
5 quot LTC 141 period30 ast196 period85 five period75
5 quot BTC 141 period30 ast231 period78 five period85
five-1 sol2 quot STC 153 period67 ast171 period45 5 period23
5-1 sol2 quot LTC 153 period67 ast203 period20 6 period42
5-one sol2 quot BTC 153 period67 ast234 period95 six period36
6-5 sol8 quot STC 187 period71 ast184 period15 9 period12
6-five sol8 quot LTC 187 period71 ast222 period25 11 period34
6-5 sol8 quot BTC 187 period71 ast244 period48 eleven period01
seven quot STC 194 period46 ast184 period15 8 period39
seven quot LTC 194 period46 ast228 period60 10 period83
7 quot BTC 194 period46 ast254 period00 ten period54
7-5 sol8 quot STC 215 period90 ast190 period50 12 period30
seven-5 sol8 quot LTC 215 period90 ast234 period95 fifteen period63
seven-five sol8 quot BTC 215 period90 ast263 period52 15 period82
eight-5 sol8 quot STC 244 period48 ast196 period85 sixteen period23
eight-five sol8 quot LTC 244 period48 ast254 period00 21 period67
eight-5 sol8 quot BTC 244 period48 ast269 period88 20 period86
nine-five sol8 quot STC 269 period88 ast196 period85 eighteen period03
9-5 sol8 quot LTC 269 period88 ast266 period70 25 period45
nine-five sol8 quot BTC 269 period88 ast269 period88 23 period16
ten-3 sol4 quot STC 298 period45 ast203 period20 twenty period78
10-3 sol4 quot BTC 298 period45 ast269 period88 25 period74
11-3 sol4 apos STC 323 period85 ast203 period20 22 period64
11-3 sol4 apos BTC 323 period85 ast269 period88 28 period03
13-three sol8 quot STC 365 period12 ast203 period20 twenty five period66
thirteen-three sol8 quot BTC 365 period12 ast269 period88 31 period77
sixteen quot STC 431 period80 ast228 period6 34 period91
sixteen quot BTC 431 period80 ast269 period88 forty period28
eighteen-five sol8 quot STC 508 period00 ast228 period60 fifty one period01
eighteen-5 sol8 quot BTC 508 period00 ast269 period88 sixty two period68
twenty quot STC 533 period40 ast228 period6 43 period42
twenty quot LTC 533 period4 ast292 period10 fifty seven period04
20 quot BTC 533 period40 ast269 period88 50 period10