If you’ve got plenty of money, you can buy new CV joints over the counter. They’re pretty expensive though. I pull all mine off cars at my local wrecker’s yard. The ones you want are 100mm OD, 39.5mm wide,with a 82.7mm PCD, and are found on a number of BMW cars.

Don’t confuse them with the 100 mm OD CVs from a VW Type2 (Bus) or Type 4. The width of the Volkswagen CVs are only 32mm and 34.20mmrespectively and offer much less travel because of the restricted plunge.

The much lauded Porsche “930” CV joint is 40mm wide, but is 108mm OD (the exact same size as some 5 and 7 Series BMW CV joints), and only offers one degree more angularity than our BMW 100mm OD CVs.

The reason you need 100 mm CVs is because they have to fit inside the100mm bearings, both in the cassette and the rear uprights. So, all together, you will require four CV joints all together.


You wont require very much stuff to extricate the CVs from the car, but a few items will be required to dismantle, fettle and reassemble them once you have them at home. Here are the tools you’ll need at the wrecker’s…

  • 6mm Allen key, ½” drive.
  • 8mm 12-point driver, ½” drive.
  • BOS (Big Old Screwdriver).
  • Coarse carborundum valve-grinding paste.
  • Electrical tape, green.
  • Electrical tape, red.
  • Half a dozen ice cream containers.
  • Pair of pliers.
  • Pair of Vicegrips.
  • Piece of 6mm vinyl hose.
  • Short length of stiff wire.
  • Wire brush.

…and these are the items you’ll need to dismantle and rebuild the shafts and CVs:

  • Abrasive cut-off saw, or 9” angle grinder.
  • Drum of kerosene, mineral turpentine or thinners.
  • Large cook’s sieve.
  • Pair of aviator snips.
  • Pair of external circlip pliers.
  • Pair of leather gloves.
  • Plastic basin.
  • Pneumatic die-grinder, sanding arbor, and 19 mm 80 grit sleeves.
  • Molybdenum disulphide grease.
  • Nylon bristled washing up brush.
  • Tooth brush.
  • Torque wrench.
  • Zip-lock bags.

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