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Factory production strength

Factory production strength

  • Have multipleCouplings, hydraulic cylinder production lines, all production equipment are imported!Delivery on time, quality control!
  • All employees exceed3The above-mentioned working years, all have a certificate to work, regular training, the responsibility for each link!
Quality advantage

Quality Advantage

  • Pass the European CE, ISO9001 certification, provide global customers withThe most cost-effective coupling and hydraulic cylinder! !
  • Hengli follows the "artisan spirit" in every link from drawing design to delivery!Customer scores Hengli:The three items of fine product details, moderate price, and punctual delivery all exceeded 99.39 points!
R & D advantages

R & D strengths

  • Hengli focuses on R&D and manufacturing, engineer station with a bachelor degree or above13.75%, The annual R&D expenditure accounts for the profit11.2%!
  • Has successfully developed a series of couplings and cylinders for different industries, different customers, and different technical requirements!
  • For the purpose of customer needs, technical parametersAccurate to three decimal places!Constantly develop and create products and services that are suitable for customers and with high cost-effectiveness.
Product advantages

Product advantages

  • Hengli product quality inspection onlyPass and fail, To ensure that the qualified rate of the factory products is 100%, and the delivery is only ahead of time without delay!
  • Brand-new imported equipment, own plant, standardized management system, and fast feedback mechanism make Hengli stand out in the fierce market competition!
Customized advantages

Custom Advantage

  • In addition to conventional products, product designs with special specifications and models are supported!Provide customized solutions!Welcome to provide drawing consultation!

Professional coupling manufacturer!

Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Co., Ltd. is located in Gongchen Bridge Park, Hangzhou, a world-famous large-scale production base of pneumatic components for hydraulic systems in China. It is close to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Xiyi Expressway, 312 National Highway, Huyi Highway and Shanghai-Nanjing Railway.It is adjacent to the Lingshan Giant Buddha, a national tourist resort&D, design, production, sales and service. The products are sold all over the country...

Congratulations to Hengli for obtaining ISO9001: 2008 national recognition

Congratulations to Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for passing the ISO9001: 2008 National Quality System Recognition Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Co., Ltd. Organization Code: 57810141-4 Registered Address: West Industrial Park, Hudai Industrial Park, Binhu District, Hangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.. . 【see details】

Model parameters of cross shaft universal coupling
Model parameters of cross shaft universal coupling

SWC type and SWP type cross shaft universal coupling can be widely used in metallurgy, lifting, engineering transportation, mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, coal, rubber, paper machinery and other mechanical shafting transmission torque in the heavy machinery industry . SWC type, SWP type cross shaft universal joint... 【see details】

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Fault Diagnosis of Cross Shaft Universal Coupling
Cross-shaft universal coupling fault diagnosis and troubleshooting methods are as follows: (1) First check the universal coupling flange..
Use and protection of cross shaft universal coupling
1. Before the cross universal drive shaft is installed, the end faces of the two shafts should be cleaned, and the key grooves on the end faces should be checked..
Common Faults and Solutions of Drum Gear Coupling
Common faults 1. The center deviation of the drum gear coupling is too large [2], and the relative displacement of the tooth surface is large; 2. The material is not...
Operation and operation of cross shaft universal coupling
1. Before installing the cross shaft universal coupling, clean both ends and check the fit of the key grooves on the end face..