Rzeppa Joint



Rzeppa joint is invented by an engineer in Ford Motor Company by the name of Alfred Hans Rzeppa in 1926 and patented in 1935. Fun Fact! This joint is the first practical CV-joint ever invented.

It is a type of fixed joint that can twist up to 55 degrees in angle but have no horizontal travel.

In a Rzeppa joint, you will find an outer race, ball bearings, a cage and an inner race.

  • The journey begins when you switch on your car engine.
  • Input shaft spins when your car engine starts.
  • An inner ring is attached to the input shaft.
  • Ball bearing goes on top of the inner ring.
  • A spherical cage fits and holds the ball bearings in.
  • An outer race has grooves for the ball bearings to fit in.
  • The outer race has an output shaft that connects to your car wheels.

The ball bearings are where the magic happens. They are the intermediate members between the input and output shaft. In layman’s term, the ball bearings are the middle men that moves power from Point A (input shaft) to Point B (output shaft).

Ball bearings need to be in a specific position to do that efficiently. It has to be in a bisecting plane between the input and output shaft. In order to do that, the spherical cage has 6 slots (one for each ball bearing) to hold and guide them in that angle.

This will make sure that the ball bearing are in constant contact with the outer race which gets the power transferred across to your car wheels.

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